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A Soulful Approach

Soulful Counselling

"When someone comes to me for therapy, I'm always listening at a very deep level, because I want to know what their soul is hungry for." (Thomas Moore).

Central to my approach is working with a soulful perspective which honours suffering as an opportunity for greater integration and a deeper understanding of our personal soul journey. Soulful counselling includes a person's difficulties rather than attempting to simply remove them which can offer an opportunity to become more conscious as to what the soul is calling us to pay attention to. A review of ones early life can reveal the patterns of behaviour that were formed which may have been the appropriate response to the difficulties you experienced at the time. Working soulfully both honours how the patterns have served you as well as how they might be limiting. You may then want to explore experiences that are more natural and authentic.

Relational Approach

Much of the difficulties that people experience are relational meaning that they arise out of our contact with others. Sometimes these difficulties stem from the background of our early life where significant relationships may not have given the kind of support we needed or perhaps they exist within the currant relationships of our personal or professional life. Working with the relationship between myself and those who come to see me allows us to explore the feelings that arise between us. This can be the basis for insight and the changing of old patterns of behaviour that prevent a more fulfilling experience in relationship to our self and to others.

Integrative Transpersonal Approach

I work from an Integrative Transpersonal approach which means I draw upon various models including Jungian, Gestalt, body and archetypal psychologies as well as psychodynamic theory, developmental theory and neuroscience. The transpersonal includes working with myth and story, the imagination, dreams and imagery and spiritual dimensions.

Employing these approaches enhances what I can offer in a way that meets the particular needs of those who come to see me. I work compassionately offering a balance of support and challenge in the aid of self-exploration and a deepening of self-knowledge.

Life Struggles Loss of Meaning

There are times in our life when we encounter difficult and challenging experiences. You might be struggling with difficult feelings such as fear, sadness, anxiety and depression. You might have experienced a challenging life upheaval such as a relationship coming to an end, loss and bereavement, mid-life and growing older or feeling uncertain as to what the future may hold for you. You may be experiencing a loss of meaning in your life. Counselling can offer you an opportunity to make sense of your experiences with someone who will support you to navigate these difficult life thresholds.

Identity Race Sexuality and Bi-racial Identity

You might be encountering problems relating to your self- identity and your place within your family, community or the wider society. These difficulties might be related to racial identity, sexual identity or difficulties with family relationships. You might be struggling with issues related to being bi-racial or of a culturally mixed identity or have experienced colourism or shadeism. You might be concerned with how you are viewed and so struggle with feeling at ease and finding a sense of self expression that is more true to yourself.

Addictions and Compulsive Behaviours

Are you having difficulty with compulsive and addictive behaviours and need a space to talk about this?You might want to experience what counselling and therapeutic work might offer you as a support for your recovery from drugs or alcohol.

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