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Hornsey and Crouch End

About Counselling

There are times in our life where we encounter difficult and challenging experiences, struggling with difficult feelings such as fear, sadness, anxiety or depression. Counselling can offer a place where you can explore and make sense of what you might be going through with someone who will listen to you. Sometimes life can seem restricted and isolating when we experience suffering and we might ask, why has this come now? Counselling with a soulful perspective rather than merely trying to take away difficulties seeks to explore why the difficulties have presented themselves now. In this way it might offer insight into a deeper part of ourselves that has longed to express itself more fully and freely. Counselling and therapy doesn't promise to remove all difficulties, often we can do little to change events that have affected our lives but with the support of compassionate therapeutic counselling we can change our attitude toward them, arrive at a place of acceptance and learn to live with the changes.

About Counselling. Soul

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